IMara Card and Mobile Money, letting you do more:

We have simplified your Mobile Money payment process to a simply TAP and ENTER PIN to pay. With your IMara Card, all you do is tap at our available points of sales and Enter your mobile money pin when requested to complete payment.

How the service works:

Money Vault

You Mobile money account is Fully safe and we do not have access to it. Our payment gateway simply acts as an agent between you and the person that you are making the payment to.

1. Mobile money

You must be a Mobile money registered user to access this service. If you already have an active Mobile money account with any of our partner Telecom networks, then you are already half way there.

Please register for Mobile Money in case you are NOT so as to start enjoying the benefits of Our simplified payment process.

2. IMara Card.

Do you have you active mobile money account? YES.

Then you are ready to get started. Next we shall set you up with you IMara Card that you will use at any of our available point of sales.

Simply present your IMara Card to initiate payment process and follow the instructions on your phone to finalize payment.

The Process.

With you Mobile money and IMara Card setup, present your card at point of sales.

Once the card is instantly verified, you will receive a request on you phone to enter your Mobile money pin to authorize the payment.

On you enter the correct pin, payment will be made using the funds on your mobile money account and you will receive a confirmation SMS.