Mobile Money shopping simplified.

With the IMara Card we have made shopping with mobile money as simple as a tap and enter pin.

All you need is you IMara Card thats setup your mobile money account. Once you tap the card, you will be prompted to complete the payment via your mobile money.

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The Process

All you need is the IMara Card and a working mobile money account (which we believe you already have), then you are ready enjoy the service.

Simply tap your IMara Card to make payment at any point of sales. Its very simple and quick. No cash is needed.

Mobile Money

You mobile money account is your wallet. Use you money account to make purchases from any of our IMara Card point of sales.

All you have to do is approve the payment by entering you pin.

We reduce the need to have cash when ever your going shopping.

IMara Card

Use your IMara Card to initiate a mobile money payment confirmation request to your mobile phone. You can purchase goods and services via mobile money from any IMara Card accepted sales point.

Mobile Money Shopping

Snacks, Utilities, clothes, electronics and much more. Get shopping with your mobile money and IMara Card. Its so simple, two simple payment process. Tap and approve to pay, its that simple.

Our partners and clients.