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Who we are

We provide track and trace management services to our clients in real time. Using our process isolation technology & Blue Print Enterprise System architecture on mobile and web platforms, in real time our clients are able to have a 360 degrees view of the activities that are tracked and traced on the go on a day to day basis.

In this day and age where data is power, using technology in the provision of accurate & timely reports after data collection through a centralized management environment enables quick & informed decision making for management.

It’s appropriate that tracking and tracing of business processes and activities is managed by a competent agency that leverages on technology.

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Our objectives

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What we use to track and trace business activities and processes.

  • Qr codes
  • Bar codes
  • RFID
The reports you are reading are fictitious !
  • Do you currently keep track of inventory with hard-copy forms or spreadsheets?
  • How up-to-date/accurate are your inventory lists and field reports?
  • How often do you count and update your inventory lists?

Standard Track and Trace Practices

  • QR coding, Bar coding & RFID tagging of Items.
  • Enforcing QR coding, Bar coding RFID Scanning.
  • Enforcing, Performing & Maintaining organizational Periodic Track & Trace Activities.
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Our services & solutions

Track and Trace Clients (KYC)

Outlets/Clients Identification, Verification and Digital Registration.

Track and Trace Assets

Assets Identification, Verification and Digital Registration.

Asset from purchase till write off.

Asset Visits.

Asset Placements and Movements.

Asset Abuse. and Asset History.

Track and Trace Distribution

From warehouse to product delivery.

Track and Trace Out door Advertising

Outdoor billboard advert placement tracking.

Outdoor activity tracking.

Track and Trace Branding

Outlet/client Branding.

Asset Branding.

Track and Trace Signage

Outlet/client Signage placements.

Technician Field Operation Tracking

Track, Recruit and/or Manage Technicians.

Track and Trace Asset Fault Cycle to Completion.

Track, trace and Management Spare Parts.

Track Asset Servicing and Repairs.

Track and Trace Field

Field personnel Check In & Check Out.

Merchandising Verifications.

Outlet/Client Visits.

Authenticity & Genuine

Product Authenticity Verifications.

Health Care Tracking

Employee Health Care Tracking.

Challenges Faced by clients in the Tracking and Tracing of activities

  • Lack of Accurate, None or Unverified Track and Trace Activities Information.
  • Lack of Tools to Independently Verify Track and Trace Activities by Service Providers.
  • Lack of a Centralized Track and Trace Activities Data Database.
  • Lack of a Digital Automated Track and Trace Management Environment.

Stop Guessing, Start Tracking and Tracing.

In this day and age, use data to make decisions. Make your life easier by using our control tools and platform to know what's happening in your business in real time. It's expensive and costing you money If you don’t have a system in place to track your business processes and activities.

Track, trace and manage your business assets and activities from anywhere in your organization. Access information when and where you need it using our web and mobile applications.

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Why a business should track and trace it's assets, processes and out door activities.

  • To ensure field activities are executed as planned.
  • To Run accurate and useful business process and outdoor activity reports.
  • To Maintain the business practice of tagging, tracking and tracing of asset and their movements.
  • To Confirm physical inventories has been conducted.
  • To Reduce theft and loss of assets.
  • To Know what’s lost, missing or moved.
  • To Confirm work has been delivered and completed.
  • To Increase employee Productivity and efficiency,
  • To Leverage on data by using trends and analytics to make decisions.
  • To Reduce business costs.
  • To Run your business in an Organized way.


We have worked for top rated companies across the Globe

Industries where we provide our services include : Beverage companies , Factories, Medical facilities, Schools, Maintenance service providers, Trucks and small motor vehicles ,Warehousing

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